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    Residence: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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    A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in photography, my philosophy of image-making revolves around seeing the ordinary in new and unique ways; as well as producing images of the highest possible visual quality. Having spent many years as a commercial photographer, specializing in catalog, advertising and promotional photography (followed by burnout, followed by not picking up a camera for over ten years), I developed a high standard of visual quality and a deep understanding of the interaction of light and surface, color and tone. I've also taught photography at the university level. As a rule, I try to avoid the "typical" treatments and subjects so common to art photography, both in and out of the studio. Having said that, however, you'll quickly notice that my subjects are frequently commonplace objects, presented in ways I hope are both interesting and distinctive. Some of my favorite subjects are often "hidden in plain sight;" things which we often see but fail to notice. There are also those which suggest something other than what they are or stimulate insight, wonder, or memory. I believe that no matter what the subject may be, the image should incorporate beauty and technical fluency. It should be more than just something to look at for a few seconds. It should be compelling and foster investigation. I don't want the viewer to ask "How did he do that"? I prefer that the craft remain invisible. The camera, lens and post-processing should not be evident in the image; only the soul of the subject.